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Decade of experience in qa testing services

“Two of our many essential service categories are QA and Software Testing services, which are meant to ensure that the software meets all of its standards and expectations before it is released.

This guarantee contributes significantly to the success of the software in the future. In order to assist our clients in delivering high-quality software in a timely manner, we offer comprehensive quality assurance services under strict time constraints.”
The customizable service model offered by Fivo Technology includes web app/ mobile app and custom app testing. With ten years of experience in the worldwide IT market – especially for QA testing software, we have numerous non-tech and tech company clients from key nations such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands… to seek guidance on appropriate software solutions; and have subsequently opted to continue with and delegate the project to Fivo Technology for many years.


Vietnam's top 1% software engineer team

Fivo Technology is proud to be one of the firms that have attracted a lot of outstanding software engineers in the top 1% of Vietnam - particularly the team of Testers/Quality Control Engineers - and stands out for its QA testing services benefited many international initiatives.

Concentrate all of our efforts on your project

You will assemble and allocate 100% of the human resources you have chosen to work only on developing your software project. This is not only a promise, but also a guiding principle of Fivo Technology over the last ten years, since customer-focus and result-orientation are the two most prominent values among the five iconic core principles.

Ready to kick-off the project after only 3 working-day

Following an exchange of information and execution of the relevant contract, Fivo Technology will assemble a team as fast as possible to begin the project within three business days of receiving the crucial details. When it comes to processing projects quicker, we know more than anyone else that it will improve the speed of competition and help companies better compete in today's fast-paced marketplace.

Same time-zone with you

The needs of the client come first, and the business time zones of the stakeholders are adjusted to accommodate the preferred agenda. In order to maintain the highest possible level of client satisfaction at all times, we make it a point to modify the working or meeting schedule wherever possible so that it is most suitable for the individual in question.

The most affordable service prices in the pacific-asia region

Our costs for quality assurance testing services are among the most affordable in the Pacific Asia area, which is just another one of our many strengths. It goes without saying that we never lose sight of the importance of the quality aspect while doing so, preventing us from focusing on the price point alone. Because, in the end, what motivates clients to remain loyal to Fivo Technology and follow us for a longer period of time is still the professional working attitude and superior output quality.

Validated quality assurance procedures

Throughout our ten years of supporting software development clients, we have consistently devoted a significant amount of time and resources in enhancing our expertise and broadening the range of our offerings. Significantly, Fivo Technology has invested in testing and upgrading the quality assurance methods since its inception and continued growth in the IT industry.

How is qa testing software handled?


In manual testing, the QA Analyst performs the tests by hand, and the results are recorded. Finding errors in software that is still in the development phase is the purpose of this process. The person conducting the test, in particular, will be responsible for ensuring that the program or software in consideration has all of its required components. Following that, testing reports will be prepared to serve as the foundation for the next step of software development.


Automation is achieved via the use of test scripting and code written by the software testers. In order to create test scripts and verify the product, testers make use of relevant automation technologies. The completion of the test execution in a shorter period of time is the desired end objective.

Typical types of software for outsourcing qa testing to Fivo technology:


When conducting functional testing, it is necessary to routinely retest the most critical functionalities in order to prevent any possible regressions. Our team generates test cases in response to client needs and suggestions. We keep a record of the findings and conduct an in-depth investigation into each instance that reveals failed or questionable outcomes.


This subcategory of Software Testing is responsible for determining whether or not the system's data and capabilities are secure from unauthorized access. In other words, it guarantees that the applications are risk-free and unaffected by any potential dangers or hazards that might result in a loss.


We conduct performance testing using loads and pressures that are representative of the actual context. A computer, network, software program, or device may all be subjected to performance testing, which analyzes how quickly they are able to respond to requests and how stable they remain while under pressure.


It is the testing approach that is used to measure how simple and pleasant an application is to its end-users. The primary concerns of usability testing are the simplicity with which a user can use an application, the adaptability of the program to manage restrictions, and the capacity of the application to achieve its goals.

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