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Saigon Technology is definitely your “effective assistant”, with a team of professional Developers, standard operational processes, quality guaranteed on satisfaction: from product concept research, development – launch and product maintenance. Everything you need is available right at Saigon Technology.

As an integral part of each of our lives, however, software development is still a complex process to implement for each individual, because not everyone is well-trained and has In-depth knowledge to handle software development projects on your own. Among the highly successful projects, there are still a large number of unintended projects because in the first place, these projects were not developed and handled in a professional way.

That is why the beginning steps play such an important role to make a solid foundation for a complete product later. A robust software product development process not only improves the quality of the final product but also the overall development process.


Always trusted and selected by customers right from the first days of entering the Software Technology industry, Saigon Technology affirmed its competence and position with the motto that always put customer satisfaction first “Your Success is Our Mission”, accompanied by a thorough solution consultation right before starting the project.
By developing software products with Saigon Technology, you will get


With a team of highly qualified Developers – who are always ready to assist clients, Saigon Technology puts quality and prestige on top. From the conceptualization and concept creation stage to the process of taking and testing results, maintaining and maintaining products, clients can trust Saigon Technology completely.


Thanks to a team of enthusiastic developers and a guideline always aiming at client satisfaction, Saigon Technology ensures the products will always be of high quality and regularly inspected and maintained.


Associated with the issue of "cost saving" is the strong point of "price transparency" when you cooperate with outsourcing software teams. Because all the expenses or expenses incurred are available in the legal documents of transparency.


To stay competitive in the growing technology market, outsourcing software companies must always update the latest and most current trends to their members. With an objective vision, abundant ideas and good professional skills, Saigon Technology will surely bring you many interesting and reasonable solutions.


The main aim of the process is to ensure an optimum level of discipline to deliver a quality product and to avoid wasted time, money, and effort. The ideal software product development process consists of the following phases:

Finalizing ideas, predict and analyze feasibility

Almost every project starts with customer ideas. From business reports, user behavior records… both customers and software outsourcing service providers will analyze and find the right solution for their needs. After the stage of consistency, the idea is to shape the product; outline the project scope and identify necessary features and design requirements.

Designing product structure

The foundation of an entire software system encapsulates the product architecture, including key elements, storage networks and development environments with data modules. To ensure the software system will meet the current requirements of customers, or factors arising in the future, it will be easier to intervene.

Conducting software development

At this stage, the requirements are classified and broken down into detailed items to predict the completed timeline and easily track work progress. Human resources, project implementation teams are also identified and established, with each task for each individual individually. In addition, the process of conducting software development also plays an important role in determining how to implement the appropriate solution. A number of key documents including design documents, specification documents, functional requirements and coding standards will be followed during the final distribution process.

Acceptance testing & product quality measurement

Since quality is the key to any software product’s success, the quality assurance stage is extremely important, including installation, system testing, bug fixes, user acceptance testing.

Training & transferring new technology

After the above stages, it is time for us to guide how to operate for the team, for each individual, for the customer department. Of course, at this stage, there will still be some requirements arising from the guests, the task of the software outsourcing team is to record customer comments and change them to suit the requirements of the guests as possible. At the end of this phase, the development team hands over all aspects of the project to the customer including code, documents, and software licenses.

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