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Custom Software Development Services

Looking for one of the best software development companies? Want to create custom software? We can help. We have developed over 300 custom software solutions for our clients worldwide. Want to talk to software experts about your project? Let’s connect.


Custom Software Development Services

Explore our comprehensive web development services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Enterprise Application

Need an enterprise solution that fulfills all your business needs? Our custom software developer team develops secure enterprise mobility and ERP software development solutions that will reduce operational costs, boost productivity, and increase employee efficiency.

Software Development

Facing issues with outdated IT solutions slowing down your growth? We develop custom software solutions, cloud software, apps, e-commerce sites, portals, and content management solutions that streamline your business processes.

UI UX Design Development

Without proper UX UI design, user experience is severely compromised. Our designing team develops user-friendly software products with a pixel-perfect design that is interactive as well as conforms to your performance requirements.

IT Consulting Services

Need advice from someone with a technical background to understand your IT requirements? We will provide technical advice on product design and concept, cloud software, cloud consulting and IT strategy, and help in planning your resources.

QA and Software Testing

A buggy solution will increase problems instead of solving them. Our quality assurance team provides the necessary application testing services to make sure your custom software runs seamlessly across all devices and is up to your expectations.

Offshore Software Development

Want to develop software at economical rates? Consider bespoke software development outsourcing. Hire our experienced software developers to work on your project and create innovative business solutions for your business problems.

Want to Create a Custom Software?

Contact us with your business requirements. We are a leading software development agency with experience in designing and developing 300+ software solutions.

Clients Love Fivo Technologies

We engaged Fivo Technologies to build an Android app that complements our web-based platform. They demonstrated expertise in Android development and led the project from end to end. Their daily communication with our team was invaluable. We’ve since worked with them to introduce enhancements and would gladly consider Fivo as a technology partner for future initiatives.

Ben Robertson

Founder & CEO, Digital Health Startup

Top-rated Software Development Company

Do you want to transform your business by automating your business activities, planning resources accurately, and increasing efficiency? Want to develop a centralized system to optimize and manage SCM, ERP, CRM, HRM, and POS for your enterprise? A customized software solution will do just what you need.

Fivo Technologies is a leading custom software development company in the USA that offers enterprise software development services for developing enterprise applications. Being one of the best software development companies, we have served 1200+ clients, from growing startups to Fortune 500 Companies.

Our software engineering company has successfully delivered 4400+ projects like business development software, cloud software, mobile apps, web applications, and web portals. We utilize advanced information technology concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things in software engineering projects.

Our Software Development Technology Stack

Frontend Development

We utilize various frontend frameworks such as:

  • HTML/CSS – For markup and styling.
  • JavaScript – For client-side scripting.
  • React – For component-based UI library.
  • Vue.js – For progressive JavaScript framework.
  • Angular – For full-fledged JavaScript framework.
  • Meteor – For real-time web apps.
  • Next – For server-side rendering.
  • Ember – For complex web applications.

Backend Development

We leverage robust backend frameworks including:

  • Node.js – For server-side JavaScript.
  • Python – For versatile programming language.
  • VB.NET – For rapid development on .NET
  • Ruby on Rails – For web app framework.
  • Java – For robust, cross-platform language.
  • ASP.NET – For Microsoft’s web framework.
  • Go – For cloud-native, microservices-based applications.
  • PHP – For building web apps.

Mobile App Development

We build mobile apps using:

  • Swift – For iOS app development.
  • Kotlin – For Android app development.
  • Xamarin – For cross-platform app development.
  • Cordova – For hybrid mobile apps.
  • React Native – For cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Flutter – For cross-platform app development.
  • Ionic – For hybrid mobile app development.

DevOps, Deployment and Hosting

We implement cloud and DevOps tools like:

  • Docker – For containerization.
  • Kubernetes – For container orchestration.
  • Jenkins – For continuous integration.
  • GitLab CI/CD – For CI/CD pipelines.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – For cloud platform.
  • Microsoft Azure – For cloud and services.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – For cloud infrastructure.
  • NGINX – For web server and proxy.
  • Apache Tomcat – For servlet container.
  • Heroku – For cloud platform.
  • Vagrant – For development environments.

Database Management

We integrate database management systems such as:

  • MySQL – For relational database.
  • PostgreSQL – For open-source RDBMS.
  • SQLite – For embedded RDBMS.
  • MongoDB – For NoSQL database.
  • Redis – For in-memory data store.
  • Azure SQL Database – For cloud database.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – For relational database.
  • Oracle – For enterprise database.
  • Cassandra – For distributed NoSQL database.
  • Apache Hive – For data warehousing.
  • HBase – For distributed database.
  • Apache NiFi – For dataflow management.


We also utilize other technologies such as:

  • Google Analytics – For user tracking.
  • New Relic – For application monitoring.
  • Loggly – For log management.
  • Splunk – For data analysis.
  • GraphQL – For API querying language.
  • WebSockets – For real-time communication.
  • TensorFlow – For machine learning.
  • PyTorch – For deep learning.
  • Git – For distributed version control.
  • GitHub – For Git repository hosting.
  • Bitbucket – For Git repository management.

Want to Discuss Your Software Requirements?

Fivo is a leading custom enterprise software development company, and we have successfully developed over 300+ software solutions. Share your idea with us.

Our Web Portal Development Process


Requirement Analysis

Gather detailed requirements from stakeholders to understand the project’s scope and objectives. This phase ensures that the software meets specific needs and solves the identified problems.



Outline the project’s timeline, resources, budget, and potential risks. Define milestones, allocate tasks, and choose the appropriate methodologies and tools.



Create system architecture, database design, and user interface mockups. Ensure the design is user-friendly, scalable, and aligns with the project’s requirements.



Begin coding based on the finalized design. Developers create functionalities, integrate various components, and ensure the software is modular and maintainable.



Rigorously test the software for functionality, performance, and security. Identify and rectify bugs, glitches, and any inconsistencies in the application.



Once thoroughly tested, deploy the software in the target environment. This could be on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid setup, depending on the project’s needs.

We Develop Software Using These Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big Data Analytics

IoT Development

Blockchain Development

Mixed Reality


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, being one of the leading software development firms, we provide complete documentation for the software solution that we develop for your business. At the end of the project, you own the code of your application. Our software development engineer claims no right to the written code.
Being a leading custom software development firm, we believe in providing support to our customers at every stage of the process. When web development, software, or enterprise applications development is going on, your feedback plays a crucial role. It helps us to be on the same page, to deliver what you are expecting. You do not need to talk to entire development teams. We will provide a single point of contact- the project manager. The PM will help you with the development process and you can communicate your requirements. Moreover, you can directly contact the hired developers too through email, Skype, Basecamp, and phone calls.
Time-zones have never been an issue for us. We’ve always been a part of global outsourcing as a leading software development agency. We make sure that we provide convenience to you so we change the timings of our dedicated teams as per your local working hours. If not entirely then we will do our best to overlap at least 2-3 hours common hours with your timings so that there is efficient communication between you and the dedicated developers. We work according to the client’s local working hours so as to meet the project goals, deadlines, and milestones.
Depending on the kind of changes you want, our team of experts will answer your queries and assist you accordingly for the same. Moreover, if you need any changes when the development process is still on, or the solution hasn’t been uploaded on the servers then you can simply contact your project manager or the developers directly.
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