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A strategic global partner, Fivo delivers digital solutions that improve enterprise performance. The company has certifications and alliances to deliver IT, software, and business services to diverse verticals.

Partners & Accreditations

For empowering enterprises to accelerate their transformation journey to the next level of digital,
we have an end-to-end and robust partner ecosystem.

Build your business as a Shopify Partner Increase your earnings, enhance your skills, and expand your network as part of our thriving global community of agency, app, consulting, and technology partners.

Digitization is simplified with Fivo Technology Amazon Web Services team, an advanced AWS partner for enterprises operating in real estate, logistics, and healthcare. As a trusted AWS partner, Fivo Technology enables businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey by delivering hybrid cloud hosting solutions in analytics, AWS cost management, application, integration, blockchain, ML, AI, and robotics.

By consistently bringing value to enterprise-class digital marketing initiatives, Fivo Technology has received a Google Premier Partner affiliation. The affiliation shows the company’s digital expertise in leveraging Google products and services for enabling Fortune 500 companies to SMEs to achieve their digital marketing goals.

A MultiChain platform partner, Fivo Technology has deep capabilities in deploying plug-and-play blockchain solutions for crypto-asset exchanges, governance, and permission-sharing. Fivo Technology leverages dedicated resources for empowering enterprise to build a portfolio of fraud-proof crypto wallets, enterprise-grade DApps, crypto tokens, smart contracts, and industry-centric blockchain solutions that deliver flexible security.

Being an Adobe solution partner, Fivo Technology leverages a wide array of vertical-specific digital accelerators for speeding up digital transformation. The company has harnessed Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento Engage, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Commerce Cloud for businesses severing in automotive, B2B high-tech, pharmaceutical, and logistics. Fivo Technology has business practitioners to empower enterprises to design immersive product experiences that boost growth.

MongoDB CERTIFIED We have MongoDB certified professionals with expertise in developing applications that weren’t possible earlier with a traditional relational database, that too at a significantly less cost. The flexibility of MongoDB allows for the evolution of data model rapidly as per the changing application requirements.

Top Rated on UpWork A “Top Rated Plus” global digital agency on Upwork, Fivo Technology is among the best 3% of agencies receiving excellent feedback. A digital preferred partner for enterprises on Upwork, the company handles large contracts, communicates with enterprise clients, and delivers projects on time. Flexsin’s in-depth expertise in nurturing business relationships has helped it keep its “Top Rated” tag on Upwork with a 96% success rating for many years. The company has delivered more than 500 projects and generated over 1 million revenue so far by serving small, medium, and large enterprises on Upwork.

Clutch Recognition Strategically positioned among global digital leaders, we have expertise in harnessing and customizing emerging technologies to align with enterprise missions. Our deep digital expertise in blockchain, AI, cloud, product engineering, and automation has helped us become a top-rated Clutch agency.

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