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Cloud Migration Services

More Success & Less Impact, that’s what we give you with Cloud Migration Services
Don’t just wait for someone to come up and pat you on the shoulder “Let’s use Technology to progress further on the business path.” As you could see, technology is constantly being renewed with new breakthroughs being added every day. Therefore, if you do not take the initiative right from today, your business will suffer much worse than other units.

Amongst products, technology ideas that support businesses, Cloud Migration services – from key providers like Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure – is perhaps the biggest accelerating factor.

Are you tired of processing and moving documents stored on different local sources, or is the hard drive failure causing data loss really bothering? Then for sure, Cloud Migration is the best plan for your business today.

Cloud Migration a result of Cloud Computing

Cloud Migration is considered as the adoption of cloud computing. Literally understood as a ‘relocation’ of all the documents, data, and processes from some data centers to a cloud infrastructure, transferring the burden of server maintenance and application management to an external location and usually to a specialized supplier.
To successfully implement Cloud Migration, businesses can consider using one or more ‘clouds’ to ensure efficiency and storage capacity not only at present but also in the upcoming business development phase.
In fact, you don’t need to worry much about the methods and implementation, as well as the certain impacts, because when you choose the right well-established partner with years of experience and reputation, Cloud Migration will be faster and more efficient than you think.

How we implement it

After receiving comments and requests from customers and conducting appropriate
cloud migration consulting, FivoTechnology will perform the following steps:


After receiving the ideas and business requests from the client, Saigon Technology's Developers team will conduct analysis to capture and understand the current state of corporate architecture data. Analyze the current architecture, understand the business needs and prioritize applications to switch. Another important task is the cost assessment, we will consider based on the system of subjective as well as objective factors to come up with the right price.


Once the key factors are in place, we will proceed to define security objectives, some compliance principles and choose the right 'cloud' platform from which to develop the most appropriate plan.


Our team of cloud migration solutions will design and build an environment that suits clients' requirements. Then we develop and build a minimal viable cloud to operate. The next step is to implement security controls to ensure maximum safety for confidential data stored in the 'cloud'.


By prioritizing the data information, the Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud migration process becomes easier and faster. After successful transfer, Saigon Technology team will train customers on how to use and handle situations when using the service. From there, we will carry out product handover and maintain regular repairs and maintenance to ensure everything is under control.

Inbound Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness, Target Right Audiences, Boost Conversions With Our Inbound Services

Work with a HubSpot Certified Team to plan, execute, measure and optimize a winning inbound channel for your business. Combining the powers of a customer-first strategy, top-shelf technology, experience design, powerful automation, and an outcome-based approach, we make inbound work for you.

Cloud & DevOps

We help you adopt DevOps for accelerated development.

Agility and Scalability are amongst the top challenges product companies face today. We offer fully automated DevOps environments by bringing business, development, and operation teams together. This combined with master cloud solutions – Amazon AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, we are able to deliver quality products and software, the first time around.

MVP Development

Test Market Demand, Delight Early-Adopter, Launch Your MVP Faster

As an MVP development company, we help you validate your business model with a minimum viable product first. Work with our MVP experts to launch a function-first version 1.0 of your digital product.


You only pay for the storage you use, instead of paying extra for more storage like before. You also don’t have to think about how much storage capacity will be, because the flexible ‘cloud’ supports you to store anytime and anywhere.
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